How to Add Email Subscription to WordPress – using Mailchimp

Hello Guys,

While searching for email subscription form to my WordPress website.

I came across this wonderful tool called Converful, a lead generation tool with multiple options like inline, sidebar, and pop-up option,

Using this tool we can collect the lead via

PART-1. We Can design a pop-up menu

Step-1. Create an account in Convertful

Go to and sign up for FREE trial

Sign up for FREE Trial Account
Sign up for FREE Trial Account
Use your Email Id

Confirm the sign up by email notification

Email Notification

Step 2: Add your site to Convertful So to add your site, enter your domain name and choose WordPress from the list and click ‘add site’.

Adding your site to convertful

Step 3: Connect Convertful account with your WordPress website via plugin called “Convertful”

In order to add a subscription form to your website, you need to connect your Convertful account with WordPress.

So to connect it, you need to install a plugin in WordPress.

Go to your WordPress dashboard, go to plugins and click ‘add new’ and search for a plugin ‘Convertful’. Click ‘install’ and then activate it. Now click ‘connect to Convertful’. So we have connected Convertful with WordPress.

Step 4: Select the form and edit it

To select the form, click ‘create widget’ and select the form you want.

Once you select the form, you can click on it and change the text according to your need. Once you’ve done with the changes,

Step 5: Choose when you want to display your form on the website

So to choose, click ‘display rules’ And then select where you want to display your form Now click ‘save changes’ and activate the button.

So now your email subscription form is added to your website and your visitors can subscribe to your website now and you’ll get the subscribers details on your Convertful account.

PART-2 – Sending email to subscriber

We can now go to the NEXT part of this tutorial which is ‘how you can send emails to your subscribers’

Step 1: Create an account in Mailchimp.

Mailchimp is a website which is going to help you send emails to your subscribers.

Go to and then create your account.

Step 2: Connect Mailchimp account with Convertful.

So to send emails to your subscribers, you need to connect Mailchimp with Convertful. So to connect it, go to Convertful, click ‘integration’ and then click ‘Add integrations’ Now select ‘Mailchimp’ and then connect it.

Step 3: Disable the confirmation email, for your subscribers.

When someone subscribes to your website, a confirmation email will be sent from your website, so to avoid it, you need to disable this option

And click ‘save changes’

Step 4: Send emails to your subscribers.

To send an email, you need to first create it, so to create the mail

Click ‘create’ and select ‘email’. Enter a name for the mail and click begin.

Fill these details and click ‘design email’. Now choose the design you want and then edit it according to your need. And then save the email Now to send your email, click ‘send’ and again click ‘send now’. And your email will be sent to all of your subscribers.

PART-3. Subscription at the ends of the Blog.

Below your We can now go to the final part of this tutorial which is ‘how you can add subscription form different places on your website.’

Step 1: To add the subscription form below your blog post.

So go to your Convertful account and then create a new subscription form.

Once you’ve created the form. go to ‘display rules’ and then select ‘after the post content’.

Now click ‘save changes’ and enable the form.

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